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IGS (International GNSS Service) is a voluntary federation of more than 200 worldwide agencies that pool resources and permanent GNSS station data to generate precise GNSS products. The IGS is committed to providing the highest quality data and products as the standard for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) in support of Earth science research, multidisciplinary applications, and education.

The Global Data Center(GDC)

The Global Data Center (GDC) is the main interface to the Analysis Centers and the user community in general.. GDC archives and provides IGS data and products including GNSS satellite ephemeris, Earth rotation parameters, IGS tracking station coordinates and velocities, GPS satellite and IGS tracking station clock information, zenith tropospheric path delay estimates and global ionospheric maps.


KASI GDC is the 1st GDC in Asia and Oceania region. KASI GDC archives the data directly from Asia and Oceania and hosts new regional IGS stations in this area as well as distributes all IGS data and products. KASI GDC is participating inter-GDC redundancy and backup.


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